Google Maps Gets Support for 39 New Languages

Google Maps is presently accessible in 39 new languages, the organization reported today in a blog post. These languages — including Afrikaans, Danish, Filipino, Hebrew, Icelandic, Mongolian, Serbian, Slovak, Swahili, Turkish, and Vietnamese, to give some examples — are spoken by around 1.25 billion individuals.

Remember there is an aggregate of 6,909 living languages recorded in the Ethnologue catalog. A significant number of the languages Google included today are spoken by large populations. Swahili, specifically, has 8 percent of the African mainland speaking it, while Turkish is spoken by 9 percent of individuals in Europe.

The new language additions has been rolled out to the mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows OS. Google Maps at first started off in English in 2004 and has step by step rolled out various dialect availability over time.