Privacy Policy

  Absolute Markets Insights strategic information provision services are publications containing authentic and valuable market information made available to individuals, companies and educational institutions depending on the orders. Our clientele base acknowledge when purchasing that Absolute Markets Insights strategic information services are for our customers’ internal use and not to be disclosed to public or third parties.

  Quantitative information is real-time and primarily based on interviews and therefore, is subject to fluctuation.

  Absolute Markets Insights would not be responsible for any inappropriate or incorrect information provided to us by participants, manufacturers or users.

  No part of this information service may be provided, rented, resold or disclosed to non-customers without written permission.

  To maintain the authenticity of information, no sections or part may be reproduced or transmitted by any other means or in any format to third parties without permission.

  Third party market research services,Sometimes we use other research firms to help us undertake our market research services. These firms have their own websites and apps, and have their own privacy and cookies policies which apply to visitors to their websites and users of their apps.